There is one advantage of using assembly. The opposition uses a higher level language where one instruction can carry out an operation similar to a sub-routine. The u electrolytic is replaced with a 10u tantalum soldered under the board. This is due to the debouncing in the program. To save the desired sequence, press SwB. Using our method is like writing your own auto-biography. Any modifications are made in very small steps so that each can be tested before adding more code.

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The display will die. When you write a program in assembly, you are aware of the timing for each of the routines and understand what each line is doing. To save the desired sequence, press SwB.

Free Misc Live Images for smart phones. Only 35 instructions are needed for the micro and they are provided in a single-page layout, for easy access. Overall, our approach will achieve two things. It is just a micro, 3 LEDs and 3 switches.


Introducing the best silent camera ever! Any modifications are made in very small steps so that each can be tested before adding more code. No individual can work how to do many of the tasks via the simplest set of instructions and you will find some programmers have used complex code to do the simplest task. It started with Parallax producing a small board with a PIC chip and prototyping area in about I hope you enjoy this Lovely Live Wallpaper and encourage me for further apps.


It will work on 6v if the regulator is removed and a diode is placed between the «in» and «out» pads or on 7v to 15v DC pi the regulator fitted to the board.

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It has 3 inputs and 3 outputs. This forms part of a key debounce as the key must be fully debounced as it is advancing the micro through the sequences.

You have no room for your own program. This is also available on Talking Electronics website.

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With our method you can see the code. It would require a larger chip and more expense.

And we use all the input pins and all the memory of the chip. Ours is classified as the lowest «form» level of programming — commonly called machine code — invented in the early days of microprocessors — and now called mnemonic programming as each line of code is made up of letters of a set of words.

Here are the files you will need: You can then put the chip into the other project to be programmed and modified and re-fit it into this project for execution.

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It gives your phone a riveting look, needs no launcher, uses very little battery and works on all phones! When an instruction tells the micro to go to another part of the program, it takes two cycles 2uS — called Machine Cycles. Heat the pin and it will be soldered in place. You can use our method or the opposition. In fact it would be difficult to reproduce this project via any of the opposition methods.



The end result is more value for your money and a much-simpler approach to programming. See how moon, stars and planet move in silence.

We have added a 5v regulator so the project can be connected oic any voltage from 7v to 15v.

Picture Plus — Text on Photo. The only way to achieve this is to lay everything out and explain things in the finest detail.

Turn the project Cx. Press the first button to access the first sound.

Repeat until all 5 pins have been added to the board.